AR-500 Rotator


The factory changes the manual every so often, and we cannot keep up with all of the changes which occur with the supplier.  

For example, I know from customer feedback, that some of the terminal numbers in the rotator are physically backward on the terminal board, but the numbers are still correct as labeled.

The attached wire that you mention is a very recent addition.  Someone thought it would be nice to have a test cable supplied.  It's a good idea, but the ones that I have tested are not consistent on the numbering scheme.  So, you have to open the rotator panel and write down the color code as wired.  Be sure to match the same color to the same number on the control box.  The numbers are tiny, so you may need a magnifying glass.

The calibration procedure is not clear in the manual. The first step after wiring the rotator is to start the calibration routine.  Push the INITIAL button and the rotator will start turning CCW.  The rotator and the control are not calibrated until this step is finished.  The counter starts at 36 and counts down to zero.  It takes about a minute or so.  If the end of rotation is reached before zero, a stop in the rotator prevents further turning.  If the rotator stops, wait until the counter reaches zero before operating the unit.  After this, normal operation should resume.  

I don't know of a memory reset, but the memories are usually at zero on startup.  Use the left and right buttons to turn and verify that the rotator turns fully both directions.  I think it will reset if the memory or initial or both are held down while the unit is turned on.

To program a memory, turn using the left or right button.  Turn to the direction for the A-L location button.  Press the MEMORY button momentarily, and then press the lettered button for this location.  

There are 12 memories shown, A-L.  On previous models, the U and L location were for upper and lower limits, but apparently they have been changed to simple memory locations.  So, the U button should be changed to K on the next release.