Many parts are not on the website yet, so you will need to contact us in other ways.  

Most part numbers are listed in the manual.  Try to have the parts list when you call to reduce 

waiting time.

1. call to order at 662-323-9538, 662-323-5869, or fax to 662-323-6551 

2. write to    Hy-gain/MFJ/Cushcraft/Mirage/Ameritron/Vectronics (pick one)
               300 Industrial Park Road
               Starkville, MS 39759

3. standard email is very not secure, but IF your browser shows a secure link in the address line, you may leave your info at in the HELP section. Only the web site email is secure. Include address, telephone, email, and comments to help us with your order.

Tom Stone, AA5MT