Hi Tyler,

It's rare, but probably involves the usb driver.  In the past, we found that you should reset the ports.  Uninstall the usb port, restart the computer, and let it reload automatically.  Install and test only one additional product at a time.
Every time I use the DCU-3 to turn my ham-IV rotator, I'm disconnected from my rig control software. It doesn't matter if I use the software to activate the controller or if I activate it manually. Do you have any suggestions or has anyone else heard of this?

Sorry, I do not have a solution yet.  

I discussed this for another opinion, and it was agreed that we don't know the reason for this.  I have heard a few isolated issues which involve conflicts in certain equipment.  The drivers are suspect, so if you can find a different driver, your problem may clear up.

USB is strange, because it is so complicated.  My opinion is that it is so complex, that some equipment must have a special or limited version of it.  USB 'school' can run months long.  I only know of one certified USB graduate, and even he gets lost in certain parts.

I have seen a few odd things happen.  One problem was with one model of Dell computer.  Another was with a HP laptop, again only one model.  Other devices present can cause problems.

So, if you have another computer, try it.  If not, reset again, and only add one device at a time.  Also, try a different port.

Tom Stone, AA5MT